In real-world use, card issuers can reduce CNP fraud by more than 90% with CVVkey.

CVVkey™ fraud prevention requires no technical development.

With no need for back-end programming,  dCVV2  is typically up and running in less than six weeks for Visa cards validating on VisaNet worldwide.

CVVKey includes:
• Code delivery via a mobile app or SDK plugin
• A customer service interface with reporting
• Performance optimizations and enhancements

Designed to work with existing infrastructure, CVVKey supports mixed BINs with All-In / Opt-In / Opt-Out card enrollment.

Integrates with Recurring Bills
Keep Cards on File with Trusted Merchants
Deactivate Anytime
Works Seamlessly with Mobile Wallets

Complete control of
where/how cards are used.

CVVkey enables Visa Transaction Controls, providing cardholders with digital tools that consistently increase user satisfaction.

Cardholders can turn card usage on or off at the merchant level, view and manage recurring transactions, set monthly budgets, and manage associated users. Security and visibility are tailored to each cardholder’s needs, reducing fraud while increasing cardholder engagement and security.

Secure transactions
using biometric 3DS.

The CVVkey in-app solution is a user-friendly way for customers to approve transactions with no need for an SMS OTP message.

Meets PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication by combining dynamic CVV2 with the phone's biometric.

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What the Industry Says About Keyno

"The static CVV code is getting an upgrade. Visa and Keyno have pioneered a new effort to serve dynamically generated security codes to fight card-not-present fraud, called dCVV2."
"Keyno's technology prevents the possibility of fraud from occurring by blocking authorization attempts. Keyno will work with issuers to deploy CVVkey in any country in which VisaNet handles card payments.”
"It's important for us to be ahead of the game when it comes to fighting fraud. Every dollar lost to fraud means a dollar less that we can spend on improving our programs and helping our members.” - Ben Maxim, assistant vice president of digital strategy and innovation at MSUFCU
“Trust is the foundation of all businesses and it’s especially critical in digital commerce and payments” - Mary Kay Bowman, global head of Buyer and Seller Solutions at Visa
"A new code is generated every six hours on the app using the Visa dCVV2 Generate service so cardholders may be confident their account numbers cannot be successfully reused by online hackers if stolen."

Have questions about how Keyno works? Email us and we'll get back to you with the answers.
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