Drastically reduce fraud by over 95% with CVVkey™

Keyno is fully integrated with card networks, allowing a seamless experience for issuers with activation in less than 90 days.

Additional level of security
Works seamlessly with mobile wallets
Activate new features at any time
Compatible with recurring billing

Proven Products That Work

Reduction in fraud for customers using Keyno
Available globally and growing
Get up and running in less than 90 days

Increase Cardholder Satisfaction

increase in YoY cardholder spend
cardholder satisfaction rate
improvement in approval rates

Multiple products in one convenient solution.

Explore our range of security products, each designed to address specific challenges and enhance your transaction safety.


Dynamic CVV codes that change throughout the day for unmatched security, accessible via Keyno CVVkey™ or your branded banking app.

Transaction Controls

Gain control over card usage with customizable settings that manage spending limits and transactions in one place.

3DS-Biometric Security

Enhance the security of 3DS transactions with seamless biometric verification, providing an additional layer of fraud protection.

Expand Your Security Offerings

Complement CVVkey™ with additional security tools designed to provide comprehensive protection and increase customer engagement.

Available as a white label app, SDK and API for ease of integration and go-to-market.

How CVVkey™ Transforms Security for Your Cardholders

CVVkey™ upgrades the traditional static CVV code on a credit or debit card to a dynamic code available to cardholders through custom app and browser options for banks and card issuers.

Purchase initiated by customer

CVVkey™ engages as soon as your customer enters their card details for a purchase online or over the phone.

Customer accesses dynamic CVV

Your customers retrieve a new dynamic CVV code for each transaction via the CVVkey™ app, through a bank's white label app, or directly through their banking app.

Transaction completed securely

The use of a unique dynamic CVV code drastically lowers the risk of fraud as customers complete transactions with an added layer of security.

Transaction Controls

Enable customers to manage card usage to prevent fraud and overspending with Transaction Controls.

Provide customers the ability to set limits and monitor card activity with personalized settings designed to reduce unauthorized transactions, enhance user spending behavior, and increase user confidence in financial institutions.

3DS Biometrics Protection

Offer integrated biometric verification with 3DS.

Enhance bank 3DS protocol and transaction approvals with Keyno's biometrics solution for secure and streamlined customer verification to build trust with cardholders while eliminating fraud in your ecosystem.

Subscription Manager

Your customers can manage all their subscriptions in one place - your app.

Subscription Manager enables customers to easily identify credentials stored with merchants for recurring payments and subscriptions.

Cardholders can manage, control, and stop their payments, with ease - increasing their satisfaction and trust with their bank.

Merchant Protection

Enhanced protection for merchants.

Online merchants often carry the responsibility of fraudulent transactions. Keyno steps in to safeguard your business by shielding merchants from fraud while restoring trust between buyers and sellers.

Keyno saves you the headache and cost of fraud so you can reduce expenses, re-establish trust, and minimize the financial impact of fraud on your business.

A new standard in card fraud prevention technology, decreasing costs and providing online purchasing peace of mind.

Have questions about how Keyno works? Email us and we'll get back to you with the answers.

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