Easy integration in days.

Available to your cardholders in weeks.

Built to be quickly and easily implemented by banks and credit unions.

Keyno makes it easy to offer your cardholders the ultimate in online fraud protection

Keyno solves the myriad online card fraud problems financial institutions face today. By preventing online fraud before it can happen, the resulting issues of the cost of the fraud, and resources required to re-issue cards and reduce cardholder attrition are removed.

Working in collaboration with Visa, Keyno's CVVkey™ service is available to banks and credit unions today on VisaNet. Banks and credit unions can offer this groundbreaking technology to their cardholders in weeks, not months.

Easy Implementation

Keyno's solution is an amazingly simple to implement, starting with the enrollment process. Banks and credit unions can enroll via a brief form

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Decrease Costs

Decreases the costs financial institutions deal with as a result of online card fraud: the fraud itself, and the costs associated with re-issuing cards and restoring cardholder confidence.

Increase Revenues

Helps banks and credit unions increase revenues by increasing cardholders' purchasing confidence, leading to larger transaction volumes; reducing cardholder attrition; and reducing false positive card declines.

Create a Competitive Advantage

Keyno positions banks and credit unions as technology leaders bringing state-of-the-art solutions to customers, increasing cardholder loyalty and attracting prospective bank/credit union customers.

Deliver What Consumers Want

Cardholders, particularly Millennials, are frustrated with banks. Many blame their financial institutions when they become victims of online fraud. Keyno rebuilds trust through restoring cardholders' confidence in online buying, and makes them feel like partners in the fight.

Built to Be Deployed Quickly

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Integrate into your bank or credit union’s app via our software development kit (SDK)

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